Sorna marshes wrong dinos


Is anyone else getting area 6 dinosaurs in area 7. I’m not happy that I’ve worked so hard and have yet to get any of the dinosaurs that are for area 7


i went to high school with a serena marshes - nice girl.


Well that’s good to know … and thank you for drawing my attention to my error that has been fixed


Her sister Venus is a bit aggressive but a nice girl :grinning:


Once you’re in a new arena all of the dinosaurs in the pool for the arenas below will also appear in your incubators. So that’s what is happening.


I understand that but that’s not what’s happening I have not gotten one dino from the 7th area and I’ve opened 8 hour ones I’ve even opened a 12 hour one


What, you don’t need stygimoloch DNA?


I still don’t get Sinoceratops in incubators. Maybe a few times but it’s extremely rare. I don’t mind getting dinos from past arenas because there are some good ones.


It’s not that I dont need the DNA of older ones its the fact that I’m not getting any from the area I’m in I worked hard to get to here so I can start leveling up my t-rex and a few of the others your supposed to get from area 7 and I haven’t gotten any of the dinos listed for area 7


I am still pretty sure that is what’s happening. I’ve gone through entire arenas not seeing the exclusive dinosaurs once. I guess the RNG thinks we all really need Stygi gen 2 :frowning:


Yeah I was hoping one of the support or something would respond and let me know … they have no real place to report bugs other then the forum


Its that way by design… there is no way i randomly get stygi and irritator gen 2 in almost every incubator… its hard for the new arena exclusive dinos to show up with what must be a 70% chance for stygi and irritator gen 2. And if i get those those its a 95% chance im get purssasurus for my rare.


When I got to Lockwood, I was getting Alanqa in 90% of the incubators and not getting Stygi at all anymore until recently.