Sorna marshes wrong dinos

Is anyone else getting area 6 dinosaurs in area 7. I’m not happy that I’ve worked so hard and have yet to get any of the dinosaurs that are for area 7

i went to high school with a serena marshes - nice girl.

Well that’s good to know … and thank you for drawing my attention to my error that has been fixed

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Her sister Venus is a bit aggressive but a nice girl :grinning:

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Once you’re in a new arena all of the dinosaurs in the pool for the arenas below will also appear in your incubators. So that’s what is happening.

I understand that but that’s not what’s happening I have not gotten one dino from the 7th area and I’ve opened 8 hour ones I’ve even opened a 12 hour one

What, you don’t need stygimoloch DNA?


I still don’t get Sinoceratops in incubators. Maybe a few times but it’s extremely rare. I don’t mind getting dinos from past arenas because there are some good ones.


It’s not that I dont need the DNA of older ones its the fact that I’m not getting any from the area I’m in I worked hard to get to here so I can start leveling up my t-rex and a few of the others your supposed to get from area 7 and I haven’t gotten any of the dinos listed for area 7

I am still pretty sure that is what’s happening. I’ve gone through entire arenas not seeing the exclusive dinosaurs once. I guess the RNG thinks we all really need Stygi gen 2 :frowning:

Yeah I was hoping one of the support or something would respond and let me know … they have no real place to report bugs other then the forum

Its that way by design… there is no way i randomly get stygi and irritator gen 2 in almost every incubator… its hard for the new arena exclusive dinos to show up with what must be a 70% chance for stygi and irritator gen 2. And if i get those those its a 95% chance im get purssasurus for my rare.

When I got to Lockwood, I was getting Alanqa in 90% of the incubators and not getting Stygi at all anymore until recently.

All I know is this game is rigged the crits are outrageous if your the enemy, dodge, etc. They are all pointless cause they dont work right unless you’ve lost many games first or you get lucky and they enemy either sucks or is a crappy bot at this point I’m sure half of them are.

video or it never happened…

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