Sorna Marshes


So played about 20 games one spoofer.
Balance is so off right now in terms of match making. Top 500 not even in arena 8 yet.


why is balance off? everyone got reset to 3.5k mate.


That’s exactly why the balance is off. People whose teams are in the 3500-3900 bracket can’t really stand up against most 4000+ teams without a hell of a lot of luck.


dont worry, a few days and it will be back. But yes reset to 4k would have made more sense.


it’ll settle but people shouldn’t have to wait to get battle/ get incubators because of poor planning.


Yup, it seems to be an absolutely normal thing for a game to shut down most of its player base for “a couple of days until it settles”


Oh yeah, I know :slight_smile: but yeah agreed, reset to 4k would have been a good idea.


Or no reset and actually follow thru on spoofer ban having tournament tiers etc