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Sorry, but the update just ruined months of hard work

Dear people,
It’s an awesome game.

With the new update, months of hard work just went down the drain in 2 seconds.

I had a highly boosted diplotator, fun to play lightning fast.
Spend months and months of grinding points to upgrade it…

Now even if I spend all points on upgrading it… It’s not even coming close to how it was…

I just uninstalled the game.
Sad day


No one can get it close to where it was. Values are just lower. So what? You’re expecting to be tier 7 on all dinos while the rest of the world is tier 4? Why?


Unfortunately, this game is like that. They need you to spend hours darting e.g., tarbosaurus for thor and then in a sudden update after 6 months or so, they would nerf it so much that it is not worth battling. So all our time, coins spent in leveling it up gets wasted. Then we need to spend effort on a new dino which will be obviously nerfed in future.

I’d like to think of the boost situation in this way:
Ignore boost 1.0 stat gains. They never existed. Use the current stat gains, no ceiling on creature level, and all maxed is 20/20/20. Now change it to this new system. Is it that bad? I honestly don’t think so. Would you have bought boosts if 1.0 stat gains were instead these new ones? I probably would’ve because we would not have known anything different.
I understand people are frustrated about this, but how is this any different than when they nerf creatures? All that dna, and sometimes money, wasted on a dino that is no longer useful. And before people tell me you can’t buy dna like boosts, yes you can. Incubators. Special themed ones for specific dna. This is ludia balancing their game just like they do with creatures.

This game is not satisfactory for long term players as they have to find new dinos to use from time to time. And above all Ludia suddenly changes movesets, abilities etc., to make us spend money again and again. it’s upto the player but what i am trying to say is, it should be beneficial in some way to dedicated players. As in Pokemon go, long term players have benefits than new comers regarding legacy moves which are available only to older players and can’t be obtained unless traded.