Sorry for not having the move sets. But these teams had the best results for scorp raids using rexy

Big hits here is all I remember. Make sure Sloth tanks the nullify minion if skoola can’t

Use strikes to wheedle the minions here. Also make sure you finish round 2 within three or two turns

Again I apologize for not writing the strats down.


thanks i,ll give it a go :stuck_out_tongue:

oh fun! Thank you! Do you know if it took ages to complete with these teams? or was it fairly quick? I’m sure we can figure it out if the latter :slight_smile:

The one with the sloth took about 16 turns and the double rexy strat took about 12

Both ended with the team having near full hp

there you go we probably mucked it up but it was fun

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Thanks for sharing. As it already been discussed previously scorpios raid is a hard one, even harder than some unique raid. We have some luck with running a team with 17 Rexy, 18 thylaconyx, 20 rajakylo, 19 bajatonodon. Sorry for not having the move sets here either, if this is of any help to anyone.

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