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Sorry text balloon

Hey there Fellow DPG members,

I’d really like to have the option to chose the text ”SORRY” in pvp, tournament, friendlies and raids.
Not one of the daft emotes, just the text SORRY
I like to use it:

  • in raids: whenever I’m distracted and screw up the strat by choosing the wrong move (making us all restart the HL raid even though we we on turn 3 round 3 already)
  • in PvP: whenever I’m boring a player throwing nothing but lvl 30’s fully boosted at me, having the obvious upper hand, making me fight for one takedown and rightfully so keeps throwing yawning emotes at me… really sorry to waste 34 seconds of your life…
  • in PvP: whenever, due to your awesome matchmaking system, I’m set up against a team way lower than mine. I’ll make it a quick and painless kill but would really like to apologise cause it must be terrible for you…
  • in tournaments: really i am sorry my lvl 29 just had to encounter your level 10 and no I’m not enjoying it… I am truly sorry…
  • in friendlies: you say epic I say ok but somehow my team is still filled with uniques even though I’m fairly sure I just changed them all to epics. I’m sorry!!


Make it happen please, please, pretty please with a great big red cherry on top :cherries:


I can already see people spamming sorry when they have op creatures that wipe your team in tourney or pvp
But hey, I think it would nice in raids, would just get annoying when people use it like I just said, like the point and laugh, good in raids but a pest in pvp and raids


Rather get that sorry than a yawn, goat or laugh in that particular situation :wink: