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Sort the friends list alphabetically, and don't require alliance mates to be friends for boss raids

Organizing raids could be so much simpler if we didn’t need to be friends with alliance mates in order to invite them to raids. Separate the alliance list from the friends list entirely so we don’t have to scramble around adding friends as we’re assembling the raid. It would save a lot of scrolling on the friends list if we were able to take 49 alliance mates off it, too.

Then let us sort the lists alphabetically so it’s not just endless scrolling looking for a specific name in a random list!


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While I agree with the addition of sorting the raid invite list (and maybe a search feature too), you can already invite alliance mates to raids without being friends with them.

I have not been able to. Alliance mates just do not show up until we become friends.

Add to that the fun that my list seems to be maxed at 96 and the whole process gets very frustrating.

Then you’d want to create a bug report for that. My alliance mates show up just fine for me, friend or not.

That must be nice. My whole alliance seems to not be as fortunate.

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