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Sorting your owned dinosaurs


There should be different ways to view or sort your dinosaurs. Right now it ranks them from highest level to lowest but I think we should be able to sort them from stongest to weakest. Or be able to sort by types of dinosaur.

Sorting Dinoz
Let's sort this out
Sorting function in My Dinos

Ah. I just opened the same kind of topic but this is a big missing feature Imo. Hope they work on this.


I agree, it can be confusing at times for me trying to figure out which I want :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Perhaps some kind of compare feature so you can select a few then swipe between them so you can actually compare their stats and moves. At the moment that consists of me trying to memorise one set then finding the similar dino and looking to see if his are better - BUT I inevitable forget and have to do it half a dozen times to decide :joy::joy: Maybe everyone else isnt as daft as me but I think the chance to select and compare would make it easier :wink:


Being able to sort by basic stats (speed, armor, attack, etc) should be a feature immediately. Especially when these incubator events required specialized dinos.

Being able to sort by skill would be nice as well, but sorting by stats should already be in the game.


Totally agree, we need to sort our dinos to decide which one is better for our team.

PS @TJay yes I am a little late replying you :sweat_smile: now metahub creates dinodex that can be used as you requested

Here you can sort by clicking once the name of the colums, then you can open every dino you want to compare in a new tab and wisely decide what dino you can use on the arena.


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I would really like ways to sort the Dino’s. Sort by sheild, attack, health, or even abilities.


And by family group.

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I would like to see an option that I could sort the dinosaurs by strength, defense, Rarity, and if they can be combined.


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Wish there is a sorting function in My Dinos menu, sort by highest dna, lvl etc.

Have lost track of which dinos has the most dna count in my list.