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SOS! anyone upgraded Diloranosaurus but damage downgraded?


i upgraded my Diloranosaurus today to lvl 23…but the damages it took on the opponent were only between 344 to 9XX. very weird!!! I tried different opponents, the results are the same…

oh my god!!!


it got nerfed by almost 400 points


It’s called false ad or business scam, the company purposely attract customers to buy their incubator and coins, putting effort and time in it by using a particular strong dino.

When time is up, they will nullified your effort, time and cash spent, and relaunch another new strong creature and hope you’ll spend for another round. It’s a disgusting business trick used by some shameless companies.

I am not sure if legal law action is applicable under consumer right, if they refuse to refund what you’d spent.


Unfortunately most consumer rights hardly cover intangible objects let alone loot boxes which if one were to accuse the system of illegal gambling, the counter argument is that lootboxes are purchased with ingame cash and not out-right money.


I return your challenge when I’m on break, just heading to work atm. :sob: sprectomegakai


that’s why biz men pay lawmakers to make laws for them


the superiority strike 899–>>629…got damned terrible!


That creature Got armor mate. Wow Then again you dilan is lvl 23. Yup i see your problem.


That’s not he trying to say.

If Dilorano didn’t got this suddenly nerf, then must generate 899 dmg to the opponent.
(After armor defense counted)


I am kind of surprised though that they nerfed it since it is an Epic x Rare hybrid. It should be stronger than Stegodeus which is an Epic x Common hybrid (Even if its a epic hybrid x common).


they told people to buy the special offer yesterday…and today they weaken the dino hybrid from the DNA they sold in the special offer…WTF! even more evil than wall street bankers!


Yes, that’s ridiculous.
My Dilorano was lv20, bought weekly showcase to get some Dilopho and upgrade it to lv21.
Then it become a lame hybrid so much quickly.:disappointed_relieved:


I didnt bought any special offer for him, but i worked very hard for have mine at 21, cause dilo only spawn at day and in summer in my city at day we have 45°. I already kicked of my team, put a lvl21 megalosuchus in his place xd


Plenty of warning signs not to spend your money.

Bad communication and standard sorry replies
Quastionable advertising
Expensive products
Pay to win for tournaments
Cheaters not removed and influencing tournament
Questionable choises of in game event changes with no replies as to why and ignoring comunity

If you have plenty to spend sure why not but dont be suprisid if this game turns out a money grab.