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Soul Drinkers looking for new members

Hi we are looking for new members. We are quite a casual guild but activity is enforced to ensure we all get the benefit of guild raids, rallys and battle events. Feel free to look us up.

How do you tell if members are active? Are you still looking for others? My current guild has a handful of active players looking for a new home or perhaps a guild merger of some sort…

I screen shot member profiles every few weeks. Keep track of donations, and changes in hero levels, trophies, raids and rallies, activity in chat, etc. some other guilds keep an active spreadsheet instead of the screen shot method. Best of luck in finding new members. Happy gaming all:)

Nice, thank you!

Players are no longer requesting to join since guild raids initiated, so looks like you are stuck with who you have. A reason we only have 28 members.

All of our members participate, no inflated numbers. Ranked 53 out of 189 and most guilds below us have 48+members.

What’s that tell ya!