Sould i replace indoraptor or erlidominus?

Who sould i replace out of my team?

I would say Indo, unless it’s boosted.

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It is boosted

Is erlidom boosted

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Also replace what you choose for albertospinos

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Yes erlidom and indo are both boosted


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They are both really bad. I would replace both with Albertospinos and ten rex

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Indo and erliko out replaced by Alberto and tenrex


Oh wait. You mean one or the other, sorry. Neither is really meta these days. I guess I would drop indo. Erli can still surprise some folks and it has good immunities. I would not boost or level it more though, as it doesn’t do great in higher PvP areas. Which one are you in BTW? Would help to know.

I would also caution about building tenrex. Mine is 30, boosted, and benched.

Indoraptor for now, then Erlidominus at a later point.

APR is just a pointless and useless ability for any Unique, much less a Fierce Cunning, to have in light of the fact that most Resilients have shielding abilities, especially the Resilients that are/have been meta-relevant, and unless it gets a serious overhaul Indoraptor’s just going to keep falling to the wayside, which kinda sucks because I really like it personally.

Erlidominus is a great Cunning, that is just sadly being outcompeted in just about every way by the current generation of Cunnings, but for the time being, it’s Immunities and high damage output will more than suffice for your team’s needs.