Soulstorm Clan Recruiting

About Us: We have been around since day 1 and many of us have been together for that long. We are friendly, laid back, talkative, and active. We don’t strive to be the most uber of clans…just have fun, but have some respectable goals at the same time. Real life first, gaming second. We are professionals in real life including professors, doctors, etc. We just play this for fun.

Our members: Currently most of us are between 4.5k to 6k team power. We have members from all over the world including the US, Central America, Europe, and Asia. We are an English speaking clan so it’s important that our members understand and can communicate in English.

Requirements: 5k+ team power (or slightly lower if you are active daily and have the potential for growth). Must participate in Alpha battles daily and do at least 50k damage…this is low on purpose because I want lower power, yet active players have a chance at joining a decent clan. At the same time, if our more powerful members have an off or busy day they won’t be penalized for it. I will raise this 50k minimum damage slowly as our clan and members grow.

Current Progress: 6 stars Alpha is guaranteed success for us. We are working on consistently defeating 7 stars Alphas. Come help us grow and be stronger.

Interested? Please reply here or send me a message.

We are now on to 8 stars Alpha.

Looking for 1-2 active members.

Hello RealDeal,

Looks like your message was erased. Please pm me if you have questions.

I’m looking to join an active and consistent battling Alpha Clan. Main team is just over 5k and plenty of room to grow. I play daily and will easily meet your req. for Alpha damage. Let me know if interested. Thanks!

Akatsuki would love to have you. We need help being consistent against 9*


Please check your PM.


I’m still looking for more good, active members.

Please PM me if you are looking for an active clan.

I have had several PMs referring to the 50k minimum damage…

Since the original posting our minimum requirement have jumped up to 70k per Alpha. This is to help us defeat the current 8 stars Alphas that we currently are working on. 7 stars Alphas are guaranteed for us now.

I am sorry I didn’t update this earlier. I do not want to mislead anyone.