Sound glitch (minor, iOS)



I have noticed a minor sound/“echo” glitch in the JWA iOS:

  1. Find green supply drop (with extra awards for ad video watching).

  2. See the ad video till the end. Get awards.

  3. Switch to another app or home screen (thus the JWA will be sent to background).

  4. Wait for a some time period (15-20 minutes working for me).

  5. Restore the JWA from background - you should hear the very last sounds from the ad video (music, speech whatever it was). It’s about just few seconds and the app will work as usual.

iOS: 11.4.1.
JWA: latest, but the glitch was noticed at previous versions too.

I suppose that sound “echo” caused by some audio caching and that cache should be flushed once video ended.


Hey siberiaman, this could be a device related issue, but try force closing and relaunching the game or rebooting your device and see if it continues to do that. If you would like our support team to take a look at this, reach out to them with your support key and more information here at