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Sound problem and strange shadow after update

Hi Ludia, I just found two problems after update

  1. Sound: Cenozoic and aquatic creatures dont make their sounds (at their paddocks and also at their battles)

  2. I found Eremotherium has strange shadow under him. (Screenshot) It looks like a shadow effect from a boss. Idk, if that shadow has more creatures, but I Saw it just with that Eremotherium.

Boths problem may be global bec that problems are on my two devices I use (Mobile and tablet - bothAndroid system)

This looks super strange

Hey Lucky14, could you email our support team at with your support key and device information so our team can investigate closer?

Thank you!


Email has been send

Same thing happens to me, aquatic and cenozoic creatures ran out of sound after last update

Ermotherimuim(however u spell it) has a glitch. Instead of brown sand, it launches pink sand

I think the new update has rendered both Cenozoic and Aquatic creatures mute during Battles and took away their special effects during their attack animations.

The land creatures are fine but for some reason this is a bug that only affects the Cenozoic and Aquatic creatures.

I’m not sure if I’m the only player experiencing this though.

I doubt you’re the only player experiencing it. I also tried it out yesterday when the update came out and had the same bugs but I usually play with the sound muted anyway. My Megatherium is also stomping the purple glow that the Boss creatures usually do.

i had the same problem i wanted to post it but it didn’t accept!!!:scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:

me it was with a megatherium!

Remove your Support Key from the picture


I have seen it too.

Please don’t post pictures of your support key. Someone could use the key to steal your game.

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Is it just me or can no one else hear sound from their cenozoic creatures? After the new update the sound of Cenozoic just isn’t present anymore. Is this happening to anyone else?

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Oh yeah, I had the same problem! Not sure if it’s all the time though as I usually have my phone volume off.

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What the heck me too! Only with Eremo. Can anyone try with a Megatherium?

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Mine still don’t make sounds at all and their special battle effect animations are gone.

Exactly! I don’t hear the sound!

Hey @Therizino2.0, I’m sorry about that. Our team is hoping to have this issue resolved in the next update.


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