Sounds Bugged Since Last Patch


Has anyone else found that in-battle sounds are now bugged since a recent patch.

Dinos are now silent unless they are doing an attack move or dying.

They don’t seem to roar anymore and their foot stomps are silent.

Dinosaur sounds not working in arena
Dino's sound was missing in battle
Is this a glitch?
Problem with sound in battle
Strange bug

Yes, I noticed that too lol it’s weird looking at them opening the mouth and making no noise :joy:


I had that happen to me last night. Seemed fine this morning.


Hey Joshua_Sutton, thanks for reporting this. Contact our support team here at with your support key and more information, like which dinosaur this usually happens on, so they can take a look


Apparently, in the battles the dinosaurs made no sound, accept when there attacking and now my entire game is now dead silent without any music or any sound effects from anything! And my speakers are working!


Anyone else having a problem with the dinosaurs not making sounds during the fights?


Same on my end too. They’ll work one minute, but then nothing.


Only had that issue with Velociraptor nothing else


Very strange.

I have submitted a support ticket about it.

For me it affects all dinosaurs in battles only.


I have a problem with sound in my battle because music, sounds of dying and when my Dino hits still appears but any other sounds is missing such as roar steps (mostly roar when dino normally stand on the battlefield) it is hilarious because Dino opens his jaws and nothing :joy: or steps with his mighty legs and nothing :joy: a few weeks ago I had it but now I don’t have it please repair it. For me it is very annoying bug.


It’s dinosaurs in battle, mostly.

However, I have noticed that outside of battle, my Galomimus and Ornithomimus are mute on their second sound.
Baryonyx gen 2 is also missing a sound.


When I am in a battle the dinos make noise when they enter and execute their attacks. But in between? Nothing. They open their mouths and whatnot but no sound comes out. Is this normal? I know they used to make noise during the entire battle.
This has been happening for weeks and I’m wondering if it was done on purpose or if its a glitch.


Happens to me too… It’s… Dunno, breaks immersion…


the dino’s sound missing still not yet fix. The dino’s sound when using skill and attack still got and music also got in battle, but when us choosing skill and the dino stand there was no more sound come out from the dino( the roar sound and foot step on the ground sound is missing when dinos stand there and not yet fight.)