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Space out the trophies/arenas

The 4700-5200 range is a mess right now. Most battles are determined by luck/RNG. I beat a level 30 indo 29 rinex and 29 stegod with my average 24 level team but then lose to a team that is average level 22. There needs to be more room for players to go up/down instead of the constant bottle neck.

That is what is causing players to camp once they reach a certain level while the rest of us are trying to go up but are facing teams that should not be way down here.


Aw dude r u serious 4700 is an enterence to another bottle neck? I just got above 4700 after being told that the worst bottle neck is around 4300-4600 and once ur past it’s supposed to get better.

I’m at 48xx and just faced this

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Yeah the 4500-5000 range in general is crazy. I got as high as 4850 last week and then almost got knocked down to Lockwood last night. I wanted to see if I can get back up to 4750 for the extra cash and coins, but I’m seriously thinking about camping at 4650 in fear of not even being able to stay above 4500.

Everyone complained about bots paying out trophies, so now this is what everyone has to deal with. I knew people would regret it. The trophy system keeps high level players down since we lose 40-59 at a time but only gain back 12 for wins.


Correct. We have been discussing the trophy issue. Wrothgar has talked to some opponents and what one player loses, the other gains, it is a one to one ratio. If you lose 10, your opponent gains 10. Lose 40 your opponent gains 40. I personally do not know if this is fact, but I trust the man.

Given that as fact: The Trophies are a closed pool, a fixed amount to go around. The only way they are introduced into the pool is through battling Bots. Bots can take tophies out of the pool by winning, but they also fill the pool by losing to a user.

When a Tournament happens, the trophies are all reset at the top, taken out of the pool. There are now less trophies in the pool to draw from. The only place those trophies can come from is the players who were not reset, the lower players. This is why so many players lose trophies at the beginning of a tournament, the stronger players take them out of the pool. Those players that lost them need to find trophies so they can rise. They fall in trophies to take them from the lower players, who also drop.

This is the current reason the higher players are having troubles rising faster in trophies, they need to be taken from the lower end of the pool and to work their way up. It is only when users start to battle Bots again that fresh trophies can fill the pool. That is a much slower process than the instant removal of them during the reset.

We believe this is also the reason teams are now much stronger at lower levels. As people report here on the forum, they are seeing higher level opponents at lower levels. I have remained at 4100 trophies for months now and have seen this also. A few months ago the average team would be entry level Legendary, Epic and the occasional low level Unique. Now they are 21 – 23 Legendary with several Unique on their teams. There are less Trophies in the pool due to so many Tournament resets so users cannot rise.

We can discuss further if you like. We also went into players that have left and those that do not battle during the tournaments.


Finally made it past 4750 I kno the tournament still has like a week left but I may just camp here…

Dont know what possesed this guy to lvl Dilpotator… keep facing really odd teams around 5k

There are 2 things that i can think of that Ludia can do to balance out the trophy system. Change the trophy payout range to 5-20. 5 being the minimum you can lose/gain and 20 being the most. Or they can let us choose the range we want to battle in, plus or minus a certain amount. I would never agree to battle someone that could potentially give me 1 trophy or take 59. That’s just stupid. Until they fix it, I’ll keep doing minimal battles every day to preserve my rank. With my current strategy, i can sometimes go 2 or 3 days without a loss. I miss doing 60+ battles a day but the risk just isn’t worth it. Even if they change it to give you the rewards for your highest trophy count achieved during a tournament, i will still do minimal battles each day to avoid the stress of dropping rank while winning 75% of my matches.


Kinda sad that a mechanic of the game causes players to…not wanna play :grimacing: it def needs to be reworked I agree @TheMaxx


Lol, some guy mentioned that he faced a level 26 Einisaurus(Common).

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I do not know how the trophy win/loss system functions. I never cared about trophy count, so never look to see how much I win lose. From what I have read on here, it does not seem to be working very well.

We worked on a match making system based on team composition or ‘strength’. This would allow a user at any trophy level to battle with any level team and be matched against similar ‘strength’ teams. Someone in the top 10 could use level 5 Dino’s and battle similar teams and have trophies added/subtracted from their current count. It seemed like a good process to transfer trophies between Arenas faster as well as give players more variety in battle teams.

It also would prevent Arena droppers from ‘bullying’ their way to victory. This is a common complaint from low trophy count users. Even at a low trophy count, if they put in a much stronger team, they would be battling the same approximate team composition who are at a much higher trophy count. They would still need to win battles to gain trophies. Trophies and team ‘strength’ are independent.

I faced a similar team at ~ 4,750 yesterday… and won :laughing:

But I agree, they should stay well > 5,000.