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Spaming stun/greater stun turn after turn - stegoceratops!


How??? Why??? 20202020


Admittedly, this is frustraiting as heck in the early arenas. Fortunately, Stegocera becomes pretty useless pretty fast.

I smile when someone pulls out a Stegocera in the higher level arenas. :sunglasses:


My point is that there was no cooldown, i use stun too, but there is a cooldown of 3 turns for greater stun. This was stun/great stun/stun/great stun all along…


Stego has 3 different stun moves.
Minimum stunning strike, Stunning impact and greater stunning strike.
Three fers happen all the time.


I know, but you also see which attack is used against you


Stegoceratops is a joke once you get up higher in level. Unfortunately he can be a headache now & then still. I certainly don’t understand the stun mechanics. I was just in the arena with my lvl 18 Stygi & out comes a level 15 Stegoceratops. Stygi has 10-15% stun chance on minimum strike so no surprise when first strike doesn’t stun my opponent. Stego decelerates me and I hit instant charge 75% stun chance & it doesn’t stun stego. Stego launches minimum strike (10% stun chance) & stuns me, I recover launch instant charge again & again no stun. Stego greater stuns me and succeeds, then minimum strike 2 more times & succeeded both times. Killed my Stygi. How does it happen that my 3 strikes with 15%, 75%, and 75% stun chance all fail, but my opponent launches 3 strikes with a 10% stun chance succeeded every time? Those percentages are not accurate in my opinion and they don’t seem to be accurate more often than they should be. 75% chance 3 out of 4 strikes should stun. 10% chance 1 in 10 should work.

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It’s a ten percent chance every time, it doesn’t mean it only works one out of every ten times.

Weird, but math.

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Still, doesn’t work out quite right either way.


Flip a coin 10 times. Should be 5 heads and five tails statistically. Flip it 10 times again. You’ll understand that 50% chance isn’t what it should be


Sadly, everybody missed the point of this topic…


Please enlighten us with the point then.


Was the point that you can infinitely stun potentially with Stego?


Stegoceratop may be annoying when her stuns actually work but as you move up the arenas, you will find even more challenging dinos. The next ones you will face that poses a challenge will most likely be Stegodeus and Tragodistis because those two are often over-leveled, but they are super easy does once you go up even further and start encountering the likes of Monomimus and the Uniques.


There was no 3 turn cooldown on greater stunning strike, just one


Oh. I missed that. That could be a real nightmare for sure.


Tragodistis is a sneaky little bugger.


The first time I faced her I was absolutely wow-ed by her moves and wondered why people even complain about Steogodeus. Tragodistis has some really great moves. That was when I decided that I must get my own :rofl:


I am 20 DNA from completing her. Still 10 from getting Indominus too. I went for my monostegotops 1st. He has gotten me through so many battles. Definitely worth the initial effort.


Speaking of annoying, wait till you come across Ankyntrosaurus. That one is a real brat. :laughing:


I have once so far. Completely destroyed me.