Spammable moves

Serioussly Ludia, why is this a thing?a lot of moves are annoying on their own right but to make them spammable is just ridiculous, Composognatus can cleanse itself and distract with a basic attack when one of its counters should be bleed damage but no, lets take away that, and lets not give any epics movesets to actually deal with the compis, Camouflage, just why? its has one turn cooldown, which for a mvoe like that is basically nothing, even Dig In has more cooldown and doesn’t make half as much as Camouflage, and you gave it to creatures like Eremoceros and the Scorpious gang, if you keep up like this your game will die, because you cant live only from the whales alone, sooner or later they will move on and if you dont make it so new players want to stay it will be a short live

I’d argue that as cunnings, DoT should NOT be a major Counter for flocks (at least the current ones - it would make sense for DoT to hard Counter resilient flocks). The real problem is a lack of non-DoT options for countering them. You shouldn’t have to rely on a fierce to beat a cunning, just like you shouldn’t have to rely on a resilient to beat a fierce or a cunning to beat a resilient.


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