Spark of optimism 😄


Hi, I would like to introduce to you a little bit different point of view on JWA :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey, at the end of day we are just people, and people love to complain. Don’t we??
About the weather, money, bugs, 3 criticals in a row, bad day, whatever and none of us like to lose especially when we have bad luck of any kind.
I don’t wanna go into details cause they were all covered.
But at the same time we as humans, we tend to overlook when good things happen to us like when we win thanks to critical or stun or when anything good for us happens. We simply don’t memorise those good things, and that’s normal, natural.

What I mean is that this forum is full of topics of people complaining and crying about tiniest things that they are often made up by ourselves.
I have never seen on this forum topics like “hurray I found a perfect counter for dinosaur X”, “the game is working really smoothly today” or “something good happened” only “this is OP, this is unfair, blablabla, you know what I mean.

Let’s for once at least in one topic think of positives, because it’s not doom and gloom otherwise we wouldn’t be playing it, let’s admit it: this is good game, not without flaws but nothing is perfect and never will be.
Producers are still trying to improve things as you see, they don’t sit without updating for a year and rip rewards, that’s a good sign, and this game has potential to be even better, but it takes take time, money to make any change and as you know they will never please everybody, it’s just impossible.

We blame game for almost everything: dinosaurs when every dinosaur is straight situational, and so far I didn’t met dinosaur that didn’t had countering it creature.
Ok, it’s annoying when you don’t have it or you get otherwise cornered but that’s turn battles for you, that’s why we have 4/8 cards picked so we always have to play different tactics.

We blame game for being expensive lol :joy:, think of it from this side: VIP costs you what?? I live in UK so it’s £8.49/month in here, seems like a lot at first, but if you realise that its barely covering 1 hour of one of their low grade employee pay, just do the math… Ok, maybe what you get in exchange for it is not a lot but would you feel good if VIPs had significant advantage?? I don’t think so, and at least game is not spiked with adverts every time you tap, have you noticed that even option to watch ad disappeared from orange boxes??

Come on people, game is just a game, and behind it there are humans like you and me, for you as a player it’s just another game, for them its another day at work and we all know how we like our jobs, especially when everyone around is just complaining about everything what we do, doesn’t matter how hard we try.

Maybe at least once in one topic, instead of cursing, let’s try to think of some positive sides of this game??

Anybody lost few kilograms because they were chasing virtual dinosaurs?? :sweat_smile:

Cheer up people, it’s not perfect but it could be much much worse.

Have a nice day :sunglasses:

You might be a JWA Addict IF

I’m not reading all of that


For such a buggy mess, I have to admit it is indeed a fun game to play. Congrats on the optimism!


My optimism for today. I finally darted me the elusive chicken Gallimimus. XD Finally got to add him to my collection.


That’s the spirit! Continue the good work! Spread joy and optimism :slight_smile:


I will admit, I am getting more fresh air than I would otherwise … :deciduous_tree: :evergreen_tree: :t_rex: