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Sparks & Spew Buff

Why is sparks & spew such a low tier dragon compared to the other more common zipplebacks.
I’m sure I(and a lot of others) would much prefer if it’s stealing ability could have an upgrade such as: Stealing beneficial effects from the whole enemy team and then have it applied to your team.

There are quite a bunch of legendaries that clearly don’t deserve their 5* status.
Take seethsizzle as an example,using the abilities much akin to slash-dasher and just slapping on one of the worse selfish buffs in the game is just lazy.
And please increase Lancebeak/royalwings spirit drop.


The Searing Seethsizzle (Razorwhip) has the 2nd lowest base damage for red legendaries. Only Blistering Belcher has lower damage but at least that dragon makes up for it with some good abilities.

It doesn’t make sense to give The Searing Seethsizzle a Moderate Spirit Speed then give it the ability “This Dragon Generates 25% Spirit For 5 Turns”. It would have been better to just give the dragon two abilities and a Fast Spirit Speed.

The Chestnut Knight, The Shrill Boltbeak, and The Mythic Murmurquill all have the ability “Allies Inflict 35% Increased Damage”. The Searing Seethsizzle’s ability “This Dragon Inflicts 32% Increased Damage” will actually over-write the better buff with its own buff causing the damage output to decrease.

So, you are correct. Some dragons really deserve a buff.