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Spartans - Active Clan

We are an Active Clan.

We have been taking down 3* Dragons from the start, and also now getting 4* from last week.

Out of 25 players, 18-19 are super active, and we all do our share. We suggest and help as much as possible. Though 4-5 of us are more full of our silly pearls of wisdom :smiley:

Every 2 days anyone absent is purged and space is created for a regular player. We speak English, are polite and fun people.

Real lives matter, thus if communicated a week of absence is fine. But informing beforehand is important.

With 2-3 stronger people, 5* also is within grasp, thus looking for people who would be active and who would go along with the rest of us.

Thank you.


We got space again. 4Stars no problem

couple of hitters 5Stars would be under belt too

So if you wish to grow, be regular , join us.

Looking for regular active games , who seek a good nice clan.

out of 20 of us 16-17 are regular, and hit twice or more per day. Just few more can make things fly. :slight_smile:

Hope you join us.