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Spawn change


So do you guys think we’ll finally get our beloved spawn zone rotation with the next update, or we’ll have to wait more?
I’m hoping for them to make like a monthly rotation, even weekly would be good in my opinion :thinking:


Rex into park only, night time. Migration done, Ludia celebrates.


Most likely scenario… maybe erliko to parks as well.

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I’d love to see there be a dino rotation, even a monthly one would be great. That would be enough time for people to level up and fuse what dinos they haven’t normally seen in their neighborhood.
I doubt they’d be able to pull off weekly rotations due to the buttload of glitches they have to deal with already.
But alas, I have no high hopes for this update. I think they will just bring aquatics in and keep the game the way it is, bugs and all. That seems to be their pattern; introduce new dinos to distract players from ALLLLL the ongoing issues.

But fingers crossed for the best from this update! :crossed_fingers:t2:

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Weekly rotations might be too confusing to many casual players and even more active ones. Once a month seems about right.


“We want Local Rotations”

“We heard people don’t like the current spawn mechanics, so we have decided to rebalance locals… So we decided to vanquish Sinoceratops, Erlikosaurus, Kentrosaurus, Monolophosaurus, Rajasaurus, T-Rex, Ouranosaurus and Pyroraptor into the Shadow Realm*. Lythronax and Koolasuchus are also global spawns now.”

*Shadow Realm = Parks


They could move spino out of zone 4 so we dont need to be bothered with it any more.

Honestly, i wish they wouldnt add aquatics to the game. I know everyone wants a mosasaur and such but and i dont even care if im catching aquatics in a real life desert.

But its gonna dilute the spawn pools even more. I look at the pteradon update and what did it really add to the game thats used on a day to day basis. Avairy… thats the thick of it. Swap ins came in with the fliers but the most used swap in isnt even on a flier. Took them two more patches to get a flier to be used at the top of the arena and even then it debatable. We might have an apex aquatic by fall. Meanwhile we will be having special events of trash tier aquatics for weeks.

Id rather another balance patch that main addition would be something like @JHVS tournament style idea. That would add to the game… but its getting warmer and they wanna try to get people who gave up the game for winter and aquatics makes for better adds.


Yeah,. We had enough erliko for a while lol they’ll make it disappear


For me the solution to Spawn is that it is not so radical.

Currently, if I live in zone 1 I see at all hours dinos of zone 1 and I do not see nor dinos of zone 2, nor 3 nor 4 nor park. In the same way if it is daytime I only see dinos by day and if it is night I only see dinos at night.

For me the ideal is that if I am in zone 1 and it is day, have a 40% chance to see a dino zone 1 day, 30% chance to see a dino zone 1 night, a 20 % chance to see a day dino from another area or park and 10% chance to see a dino from another area that is nocturnal. In this way I prioritize the dinos of an area without renouncing the others and without the game becoming monotonous and see majundas at all times which sometimes leads me to close the game.