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Spawn Changes


Ok I haven’t seen this posted today but there have been some spawn changes that I have noticed. Purussaurus G2 and Lythronax are now global spawns and no longer park spawns.

Has anyone else noticed any other spawn changes?


That’s only a event spawn, and these 2 creatures take over the place Dracorex gen2 & Triceratops gen2 got last week.

After 01/07/2019, these Purussaurus gen2 and Lythronax will no longer been global spawn.

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Ah, I never knew that because I didn’t think Lythronax had a hybrid.
Thanks for that :slight_smile:


Now the game should see the spawn of other dinos nerf as well.

We can always buy incubs from the store.


Brachio during day time, is a new one for me.


I’ve seen Brachi in day time before.


Ok, I always saw brachio at night. :blush:


Gryposuchus global now too?


No, they said “two components of this Superhybrid”

Obvioudly that means Lythronax + Purussaurus gen2, which are Purulyth’s ingredients.

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Aw figures. Don’t wanna make the rare epics any less rare