Spawn countdown indicator


Please, oh please give us some kind of indicator that a spawn will disappear. If they’re epic or rare, let their glow start blinking/pulsating at 15 minutes, with a more rapid blink/pulse at 5 minutes. I cannot tell you how many times in just the past week alone I have opened the game at home to see an awesome rare or epic a few streets away and it disappears before I get there. I work from home and it’s not that easy to just drop everything and run out the door, but I try. And fail. Very, VERY frustrating. Very. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Easy solution … check the game like every hour and you will notice spawns around your home. They usually despawn after around an hour, so you shouldn’t miss something that way.


You would think that would work but I do check nearly hourly, many times more like every 30. I had an Erlik pop up within past 20 minutes, get halfway there and it disappears.


Hmm, don’t know if they changed times with 1.3 version, but it always worked for me. I checked the App frequently or just left it open, saw them spawn and went out 40 min later sometimes cause I knew how much time would be left.


I tried leaving app open but it freezes after a while and has to be reloaded anyway, so I just shut it down and reopen often. So often I’m barely getting any work done! :joy::grin::smirk: