Spawn Decrease Since Update


Hello I live in a bad area and since the update the extended battery distance is much more which is great, but the amount of spawns within distance has decreased drastically and when they do spawn they’re just outside the now larger circumference and inhibits my ability to play at night like I once was able to with a smaller circumference with more spawns within distance before the update. I love the update and everything that came with it, I just wish the rate of spawns within distance wasn’t diminished. Please fix this for those of us who physically cannot walk around at night. Thank you.


Why aren’t you out getting that epic Dino??


Pretty sure they just said they can’t go out at night :new_moon_with_face:



I also agree with this. For instance at both home and work a one flourishing area is now moved to the roads which are just out of reach. Would it be possible to have the game determine where you spend the most stationary time (work and home) and make spawns within that 150m range?


I absolutely agree with this :point_up_2:


I think spawns have decreased. I remember seeing 5-6 epics around my area per day. Now I’ll be lucky to see one per day.


Kind of wonder what the spawn frequency and availability by distance will be come winter…I’m not going to be able to make roadside stops when everything is so slick that stopping means you can’t even get GOING again on poorly managed back roads out of town.


I agree with the notion of decreased spawns. At work, I think it is the same, which is in a heavily populated urban area. At home, I am experiencing exactly what the original poster noted in a more rural population. The spawns are few, they take hours to re-spawn after I catch them, and the ones that show up most are just beyond reach. I can and sometimes do walk out of my house to get a good dino, but my enjoyment playing at home is less. I got VIP to be more satisfied at home, and now that doesn’t seem to make much of a difference. It would be nice if Ludia would increase the spawn rate in more rural areas.


Does anyone know if this has been noticed/addressed by Jurassic World Alive yet?


Greatly decreased here, and I notice huge decrease in random spawns when I’m out walking around. Hardly worth playing anymore.


I wouldn’t say decrease, it returns to regular spawn. For me, before the update, spawn has been increase till’ now. Just my opinion. :thinking:


Definately a decrease in spawns since the minor patches (post 1.3).
I have a supply drop at the front of my house, but live in a rural town. Pre patch there was always at least something spawning and most of the night it was a raptor. Since the update it might spawn a dino once a day / night as opposed to always having something spawn every time I opened the app (several times a day).
My work is in an industrial / commercial area near the city and the block I do my lunch walk on has 20 + supply drops in a 20 min circuit (which I’ll walk twice). Pre patch I used to get heaps of DNA, just after the patch it seemed increased but after they adjusted it I get barely anything spawn.
Past couple of weeks my DNA collection has drastically reduced and my time in game has been the same.


Noticed this change too. Disabled mum here, fan of dinos since 3. I live in rural suburbia heck. I got the monthly upgrade to increase range since I can rarely go out. Half time to dart a dino is better than no time, especially when I can’t go out because of my son (in the south so the heat is too much for him still, and past 2 weeks was solid rain). As of the update not only do they spawn less, but way out of range. They also removed the nearby drop points I could walk to that were on the wood trail but kept 2 that are off the trail in deep woods practically in someone’s backyard. :frowning: no way can anyone get to them. I tried, but not even leaning helps, man. It’s almost like the dinos mock me because a main spawn is right outside 200m and it takes a trip to the top of my street to get them in range. No way am I at 1 o clock at night whel feeding my son with coyotes out there.


After the new update i saw tons of rares and more epics i was really hyped!
Some days it is still like that, but also sometimes its just a ghost town with barely a common.
I noticed the kaprosuchus / postrosuches was about 50/50 encountering them.
Last 2/3 weeks it was 0 / 100 encountering them. I wonder if they removed the kaprosuchus again or if its buggy and only spawning postrosuchus?


I live in a village of about 200 people, literally when you enter the town it say “Welcome Bardolph Village Limit” I’m 10 miles away from the nearest town. Walking at night is hazardous, here in the Midwest there’s coyotes and meth heads walking around and neighbors shoot at suspicious people walking around at night near their homes, real jumpy. So I bought the extended battery because going out isn’t much of an option being in the middle of nowhere and walking around town is asking for trouble. Before the update it was well worth it, plenty of spawns within the circle for me to get it was great! Now since the update I hardly get anything and when something does pop up it’s outdide the circle. Just in the past two days I’ve missed out on a Trex Nodopatosaur and Secondtosaur. Incredibly depressing to watch it pop up and just stare at contemplating if the DNA is worth it. I hope they see this! Thanks for y’all a input as well!


Ludia please, help out. This is like every night and it’s always like 3 blocks away with the extended battery, it’s completwly irrelevant to have anymore at this point. If it continues I see no reason to keep paying for it, please help Ludia because I love this game and what y’all have added, it’s just taken away from near spawns and it’s honestly depressing to have to keep watching the epics go by and the only thing to spawn close is maybe one or two useless Gen 2’s that only respawn after several hours.


I’m not kidding, this is every night. I’m dying over here Ludia! :skull:Dying​:skull:


That’s exactly the type of thing that makes me hop in the car for 5 minutes.


Solution: bait. Goat and fern.


I’ve seen a massive reduction in my area since the big update recently. I get like 1 dino within my radius about once a day and none at night. There are some just outside my radius which is clearly designed to make me spend money. But before the update there used to be a fair amount of at least commons within my radius particularly for night time play.