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Spawn issues?

I was farming dinos when I noticed a decrease in spawns. I’m no longer seeing night spawns like echo and other raptors. Is this usual or am I just unlucky? This also happens with dawn/ dusk and day.

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I haven’t seen a decrease in spawns, in fact with less daily dino spawns, I’m seeing more raptors. I did see echo, out of range. I saw a large amount of Nodasaurus’s and Armagasaurus’s yesterday. For a 14.5 mile hunt, I saw no daily epics at all. I usually get 2 or 3 Darwin’s on Saturday but nothing at all.

I too have noticed a decrease in night spawns. The map seems empty other then event dinosaurs.

It does seem reduced throughout the day as well. I wonder whether reducing the migration spawns has hit regular ones as well.

As for Echo it would not surprise me if she is reduced to slow the acquisition of Indoraptor G2.

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If anything the only change ive really noticed is an increase in rare spawns. Not so much epics… but rare spawns in general.

Echo seems to be spawning about the same as she always has.

I see a better spawnrate from every dino

I’m seeing a lot of epics around me. Kentros mostly, but sometimes I’ve seen two gorgosuchus and two Ouranos. And just now there’s a Smilodon nearby.