Spawn mechanic change


few days ago, I found that dino spawns
have mechanics.

just like global spawns, park spawns,
local spawns, and nests.

so I checked my locations and I just found
there’s no local 1, 3, 4 zones in my location.

and, I just understood why I can’t find any
anky, kentro, raja, mono and other creatures
in this game.

I think it’s wrong.

in this game, they ‘can be’ out there…
but your spawn mechanics made them
‘not out there’

and still, I can’t find any of those.

just change all of them to global spawns, please.


These zones appear to be around 2.2 miles or 3.5km square so if you live out in a boon dock town, your little town could be all in one zone. I’m in suburbia outside Chicago and I know they don’t populate fields or wooded areas. I can see you being just one zone if your out in a little farm land town.