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Spawn Migration Thread! What do you see? Day, Dawn, Dusk, or Night? Which zone? Report your sightings in this thread

i will compile all the information into a spawn guide.

dracorex gen 2, tarbosaurus, archaeotherium, baryonyx gen 2, velociraptor, apatosaurus, and tanycolagreus have all been sighted as day spawns in local 3.

velo in the daytime.

Evening L2

Argentino, Giraffa, Tany, Hatz, Dilo G2

Zone 3 have a LOT of Baryonyx Gen 2 at night!

Zone 4 + Park (currently day)
Commons: Tany, Apato, Velociraptor, Deinonychus, Dracorex G2, Phorus, Dime G2, Majungasaurus, Tarbosaurus, Triceratops G2, Diplocaulus, Dilophosaurus G2
Rares: Purussaurus, Delta, Spinosaurus

L1 Spinosurus, Para, Carbonemys, Deinochyus.

I may be local 4 now.

Thanks Gamepress!

I’m on iPhone and can’t get in the game still, but everyone else has it. They say delete and reinstall but I don’t want to lose progress, what do I do?

Giraffatitan and Stygimoloch Gen 2 spotted in L4 at daytime.

How are people seeing Bary G2 in zone 3 According to the guide it is local 2.
Unless its because the locals have rotated. I was Local 4 but now I am local 3

I have seen the exact same creatures as before this update

I was in area 1 originally and I’ve seen Gryposuchus dynodychus (butchered that lol) both stygimoloch diplocaulus gen 2 the ingredients for dracoceratops and also dilophosaurus gen 2 dimetrodon tanycolagreaus hatzegoptryx dawinopterous and proceratosaurus

I think the Zones rotated. What was once an area 2 for me seems to be an area 1 with the new spawns.