Spawn nerf?

What’s up with the spawns this last week? The map is so dead, especially now that Apato isn’t there during the day. 90% of what I see is just Gen 2 this and that. The useless ones. And even they are scarce. I barely went night hunting last week because it’s so dead that I’m lucky to find 2 useful dinos per mile. Do they really expect anyone to attempt walking and playing this game with spawns like this? I mostly drive because it’s way more profitable when it comes to DNA, but I feel like I shouldn’t have to hit every road in a zone just to find a handful of what I’m looking for. Am I the only one experiencing bad spawns like this? It’s been like this for multiple days.


This game ever had bad spawns, i literally have open the game all day where i go ro find 1,2 uaefull dinos(epics mostly)

I found some epics and rares today too, but I’ve traveled at least 100 miles already today and the spawns just suck. Its like it gets a little worse every day. Soon there will only be 1 dino per zone each hour.


Low spawn rate was the reason I stopped playing after 2 weeks during beta. It’s been improved a lot but not quite enough for me to give up driving as the method to hunt for them


Today seems to have been especially bad for spawns. I went out for an hour this morning and there was almost nothing. Spawn rates need to be increased even just a little bit.


I guess we’re supposed to pay for Incubators…

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i’ve felt the “squeeze” the last couple weeks. incubators are awful. spawns are awful. i think they are trying to reduce the free DNA to get people to buy more incubators.

a lot of people are at the point where you need up to 250 epic DNA just to get one fuse on a unique and they’ll still give you 18 koolasuchus from a battle incubator. they keep falling down the list of top grossing apps. At #129 now on google play behind some very embarrassing games :joy: so whatever they are doing is not working. i’d buy incubators if you actually got useful stuff from them, but you don’t.


Agreed, what i have been getting from the ‘free’ epic incubators does not entice me to buy an epic incubator at all. It puts me off it.

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I’d buy incubators if the costs were reasonable. But as they stand they are quite extortionate. Lower the price to something people can afford to pay and they’ll get more sales and more money.


I never buy incubators and never will when the prices are as crazy as they are. I just think it’s stupid of them to decrease spawns because it’ll make people play less. You’d think they’d want as many active players as possible. If i go out at night and the spawns are dead, i probably won’t even spend an hour hunting. It’s not worth the gas. An average night of hunting for me is anywhere from 2 hours to 3 and a half hours when the spawns are good. I barely went out last week and when i did, it was pretty brief because of the dead map. And today’s daytime hunt was pretty boring since there’s no Apato anymore and those temporary gen 2s are sucking up all the good spawns. I thought Apato wasn’t changing spawns until the update but i guess they already put that in. Unless the update somehow happened without changing the version number on my end.

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when the only epic you even encounter is spino gen 2, you start questioning if there’s even a point.


I totally agree here. My husband and I used to go on “hunts” everyday. We have drifted from doing so because when we do, there isn’t anything. We both used to get so excited when we would track something down but now we barely see anything at all. :-1:t3:


Glad to see I’m not the only one, after driving for 2 hours I sometimes didnt even find 1 epic.
Of the last 6 epics in zone 2, 6 were secodonto vs 0 ourano or pyro.

Also agree on the incubators, the last 4 random epic incubators after strike events gave koolasuchus and secodonto.
every… damn… one…
When they’re themed, usually 80% goes to unfusables and 20% to the one you cán use.


i only go for walks that i’d go for regardless. but might as well try while you’re out. i never go out just to dart things anymore.

it’s amazing how they can basically copy clash royale, but strip away all the elements of that game that made it the game that it is and made it the game they thought was worth imitating. for $20 in that game you get your pick between 2 legendaries and all the cards are useful. can’t even unlock a dinosaur for $20 in JWA :unamused:


Night spawns has been pretty dead lately. I usually just bike around until I get enough raptors then I call it a night. Went from the usual 15 miles now down to 8 miles. Sometimes I’ll just pop more common scents to finish the raptors, not worth the energy biking around.


The only spawns I had while walking my dogs tonight were the event ones and not every supply drop had an event Dino either so this is getting very depressing. I had to look all over on my ride home for 1 postosuchus and that’s over 50 mins through 2 city’s and 2 towns…

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My quads have gotten soo huge after I started hunting on my bike!
But these claims are on point…

There are some local epics I haven’t seen in weeks. The spawn rate for others has become noticeably less than what it was before.

Event incubators seem to be coded to deliver less “favorable” rares/epics more frequently rather than all rares/epics equally.

If I was starting out now, I’d be extremely demotivated to play this long term as the challenges to developing a strong Team are getting harder and harder (as is the competition)


The last update I had to manually install.

Please feel free to provide evidence of your first statement.

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:joy: let me just confirm that it doesn’t violate forum rules :wink: