Spawn Point Despawn Timer


This isn’t a complaint or anything, just a funny experience I thought I’d share.

So, I take the bus to work every morning, so my schedule is pretty fixed. This means I hit the same Supply Drops and spawn points at about the same time every day.

Well, there is this one spawn point at the top of my street that, every morning, despawns when I’m just barely out of range. Like, I can see from a distance that there’s a dino at the Supply Drop, and as I’m rounding the corner almost in range it disappears. Every day. Without fail.

It’s especially agonizing when I can see a Rare or Epic sitting there, just mocking me, knowing it’s gonna run away before I can get to it.

Anyone else got anything like that?


I’ve had it happen from time to time. I’ve also had it happen where I click to hunt one dinosaur and when I come back to the map screen, the second has vanished. :frowning:


This happens to me like clockwork all the time, and is most noticeable with rares and epics since I’m more excited to get to them.

I’d love to have a visible timer until we “lose track of them” or “they escape” so I know if I should even bother changing my route to get them.