Spawn rate had been increased

Do you all remember when 1.3 hit and the spawns increased tremendously?

Well, nowadays it feels like that even the 1.2 Meta had more Epics out there…
Especially diversity is poor now.

It’s like they’re saying:
‘buy scents, then you’ll get your spawns’


1.3 was the best version so far.


Unpopular opinion but I’m really liking the epic spawn rates in this update. Found 13 wild epics on Wednesday… 2 Trex, 2 Sinos, 2 Barries, Mono, Nodo, 2 Koolasuchus, Concavenator, Secondonto, Spino gen 2 :thinking:


1.5 is more of a hibernation. I have a hard time deciding what to even hunt at night now because the dinos i used to hunt at night are all daytime dinos now. Some days i don’t even see 1 epic.


Y’all know we can see the code right? And there were no significant changes on epic rates from 1.4 - 1.5?

you cant see spawn rate changes in code. thats something they do on their end. its just their agenda if they want to slow them down coincidentally or not with the update.

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Now, whether their server “tweeks” this somehow I don’t know for sure. But those are the values we can find.

im not sure what this list is concocted from but the spawn rates were changed. its obvious.


From the code. And our datamine

you ever run a scanner for pogo? i know its a different game, just curious if we have that in common.

No. But I am aware of them and the spawn tracking they do. I was a community organizer for a hub on Pogo.

I am not saying something hasn’t changed.

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ok. im just saying. they can change spawn rate whenever they want. to whatever they want without an update.

I understand and I know we only see the given values. They may not be actual.

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There has definitely been a decrease in spawns regardless of what the numbers say. I drive all day at work and play JWA the whole time (every weekday since June) and there is a noticeable difference in the spawns since the 1.5 update. It’s the worst I’ve seen.


And unfortunately, that is exactly right. Ludia has not been the best in communication and giving correct info. I and many others have been seeing much less epics since 1.5. Hope this changes in the future. Thanks for showing the spawn weights though. Always interesting to see.

Also confirming lower spawn rates for Epics in 1.5.