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Spawn rates are messed up


It used to be just fine, but the last few months, it’s like the spawn system has been totally wrecked. Literally never do I see a Postosuchus, but I see lots of Dimetrodon. Almost never(2 in like a month) do I see Stegosaurus, but I see lots of Nodosaurus.

Just to clarify, I go outside my area as well, I know that spawns are limited to areas. I travel a lot.

This really is not normal. Btw, I did not trade any postosuchus for coins. This is for real. 3000+ dimetrodon caught before any postosuchus sighting.

Furthermore, to the epics. I am seeing Baryonyx quite often. I never see Blue. I never see Kentrosaurus. And others I see very rarely, as they should. But I’m feeling like it should be a bit more often. We never get the chance to play a dino if it doesn’t even spawn.


Blue doesn’t spawn and some might say kentro doesn’t either. I remember seeing a wild kentro once, but I’m not sure if it was for real or if I was dreaming.


I see potasuchus in my area. I live with the golden chicken. However since 1.5 he has been scarce. I have 6k posta if you was in my ally id donate him lol. I seen 2 kentros in last week but it has been weeks before that.

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Yes the spawns fluctuate. I see it as stocking up on one side of a hybrid so when the other comes around I am ready. I just work on what I can with what I do have available and put the others on hold until the spawns come back.

When your Posto comes back the Dimetrodon will most likely disappear. Dart all you can while they are around.

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I’ve seen kentro many times. 2days ago I’ve seen him last time


Wow I’ll trade ya posti for dime. I have 7k posti and no dime.


Got a wild Kentro yesterday. They spawn just really rare, I think I’ve seen maybe 5 wild.


Sarcosuchus is almost MIA where I live. I’m currently suffering an Einiosaurus plague…but I have encountered Rexy at least once daily every day this week so it kinda makes up for it?


I think the spawn rates are messed up across the entire game. I see the same dinos over and over and if I go to another zone, its a new set of the same dinos over and over.

Zone epics have pretty much all become unicorns to me, as all I find these days are the Global epics.

If I am lucky enough to find a Zone epic, which hardley ever happens, there is a real and static 80% chance that it will be the un-desirable zone epic.

I find, on average, about 5 - 10 Concaves per 1 zone 1, and I havent seen a single Kentro in over 30 days of very active playing/hunting.

I find, on average, about 10 Secondos per 1 Ouras in zone 2, and I haven’t seen a pyro in weeks, (which isnt that big of a deal as pyro isn’t important to me)

Zone 3? Forget it, I cant find anything in zone 3 except Toujango… and I live in zone 3.

Zone 4 is the biggest joke to me personaly. I have at least an 85% (no exageration) chance of pulling Koola-suckus here.

I’m only posting this to see if anyone else is having the same game experience that I do every day.

I had much, MUCH, MUCH better hunting back in 1.3. Its all gone downhill since 1.4 and now 1.5. :no_mouth:


I see about 1 time a week Kentro near my work, but I agree that some spawns should have more rotation in some areas, like in my house I always get Irritaros Gen2 and Diplocaulus, even with scents I get tons diplocaulus

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On my way to work today I found one trex, two raja, one bary, and one anky. Not bad for a 20 minute outing.

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Grats. It takes me week, maybe longer to get a haul like that. Just shows (me) how broken the spawns are. :expressionless:

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That’s very lucky indeed! :hushed:
I really miss Kentrosaurus spawns.
Raja used to spawn rarely, but nowadays, I really haven’t seen him in many weeks.
T rex seems to be decreasing too. Epics in general, really. Except for Baryonix and Concavenator.

I notice my opponents using more high level Tryostronix. Often they bring it out first go. Which usually doesn’t work out great. So, good for me. It can however more likely be a late game changer! Very good dino!


Getting tired of so much useless, one sided DNA.
If the spawns swap, I’ll be set…if I continue playing that long.
Seriously, how much longer can I collect half an epic or unique before I get disgusted with this?
50k DNA on one side, 40 on the other.
The paid incubators don’t even supply anything useful at this point, just more of the same useless one sided DNA.
I live in L1, work in L3 and see little more than majungasaurus, irritators and dipocaulus.
Same spawns all the time. L2 is mostly Einiosaurus.
What a broke system this is.

Spoofers have a definite advantage with known coordinates of desirable creatures.

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Very extreme where I live…freaking Einias everywhere. I bought and used 25 scents hoping for 8 Velociraptors. Guess what, I got 6, one Kaprosuchus, one Gorgosaurus, one Dracorex, two Charlie, one Einiasuchus. Rest were Einias.

Thanks for nothing…


My alliance even stopped donating, because we all need the same DNA.

What’s the point in playing if we are all stuck in the same spot?

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