Spawn rates are ridiculous

As the title says spawn rates are just ridiculous, carno is supposed to spawn on a friday? i have been walking around for 4 hours now and seen one! people in north america in my alliance have already caught 15/20 in about an hour alone. It’s the same with the weekly hybrid chase, I have seen one compy! one! again, the north american players in my alliance cant move for seeing them everywhere! this needs addressed ASAP, if this is just going to turn into a game for players only in north america kindly let us know so I can cancel VIP because it’s becoming tedious.


Carno is OKish on my side in Europe but for compsognathus it is ridiculous indeed. I have only seen one this week… What an event!


Same, in Europe I’ve seen 1 Compsognathus this week, and I’ve been online more often that usual to try to find it.


I havent even seen a compy, and yes i agree spawn rates are ridiculous. But i dont think ludia will address this at all :frowning:

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Happy cake day!

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Last Friday and today I went for a 2 hour walk and saw no Carno at all both times. Even running a Giga made no difference.

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Yes I agree with your point. Spawn rates are really a ridiculous thing. They say Ouranosaurus
is one of the nest spawns in Banks,other being the Parasaurolophus and Edmontosaurus. I’ve visited some banks but not a single Ouranosaurus a spawned in. Not even a single Parasaurolophus. So yes the spawn rates are a ridiculous thing.

Happy Cake Day!

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Scents don’t affect daily migration dinos, and based on personal experience Carnos seem to be fine.

If there was no Para that is odd, perhaps they aren’t registered as banks on the map? I live with a bank in the distance and I see Para, Edmonto and the occasional Ourano pop up there all the time.

As for Compy, I’ve seen 3 or 4 this week and I haven’t been playing much, although I did run a stationary Epic scent which gave me one. All of this sounds like typical RNG.

In general I think the spawn pool is getting too diluted though. It’s much harder to hunt for any specific creature than it used to be, and it looks like it will only get worse moving forward.


I know you. You make raid strats and you are from the Indian JWA discord server. Well I’ve to say your strats are life saviors.

Same, not only with Carno, but with T-rex G2 and Echo as well! :tired_face:

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Giga scents do not attract daily creatures. So no point to use giga scents on Fridays for carnotaurus.

Thanks I didn’t know that @th3g3ntl3m4n

But not withstanding that, to see none at all in two weeks and over four hours of walking plus the normal playing from home is a pretty poor show.

I completely agree!

You have to go by car to find the daily creatures. they are mostly long range and far away. and scents dont work for them. Also for some reason I see carnos more at night… Near my home I only see like 3, if I go by car I catch 3 more lol

I’m in compy’s zone so I have no idea if what I’m getting is the pursuit… seen a few… gotten like 4… 1 I got by car… I think this game has a contract with the gas stations xD