Spawn rates are still abysmal


So I’m sure this will just come off as complaining but the spawns are atrocious. I live in a city with easily 1000 spins (I know many don’t so this alone is a nice thing for me) and I play for easily 8 hours a day. I’ve gone over a week now without seeing a baryonyx, I get maybe 2 sinoceratops in a week. And that’s prolly 300 dna (and a measly 60 dna for any hybrid) My fiancé called me with glee when she found her first pyroraptor outside of events last week. Basically the only things in my top 8 I can consistently upgrade are that darned Stegodeus and megalasuchus. I upped my activity level this week in order to try and make a difference and now I’m just swimming in common DNA. I really don’t want to invest in the other easy to acquire in bulk Dino’s like trago (which I can prolly get to 25+).
Just had to air my grievances. But I did find enough fewer common epics this week (trex) that I wouldn’t be surprised if they dialed them back to encourage scent can purchases

What about everyone else? Is anyone else seeing basically a sea of gen 2 commons (its like those things are taking precedence over all spawns… not just common ones)


Fully agree…

In my area lost apatosaurus and stegosaurus…

Stuck with lythornax, stigi gen 2, purassurus… just all crap


Since I started playing the game - when it first came out - I have seen 1 sinoceratops in my city. ONE. I play for several hours a day too, and walk all over the city to get around. Since the 1.13 I’ve only seen one ouranosaurus, too. A little more variety would be nice, yeah.