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Spawn rates

3 tarbosaurus next to each other

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I have had literally 4 in a cluster before.

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That’s all we L4 players see.


Check out my picture in the unpopular opinions and funny picture threads and you will see what I had to deal with. I swear I must live on a Suchomimus nest.
I wish they were tarbos instead!


Too many creatures

When night comes around,
And the Suchomimus come out,
Nothing else will you see,
Just a dino that’s weak.

Suckymimus Street!

Dozens at once,
It is no fun,
When you live on Suckymimus street!

Though I have no screen shot, a few months ago I had 8 diplocaulus and nothing else on my map.

Coincidentally, I used an epic scent then because I did not want anymore diplo. I got 1 epic (mono I think), 1 rare (edmon I think), then 8 diplo. Had I shot them all, that would have been 16 diplo.

I was angry about that…did not shoot anymore that night.

tis the season for tarbo… yeah mine too i see tarbo every freaking day

Is your Thor 30 yet?