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Spawn Waves of Epics and Rares

I’ve gone 2 1/2 to 3 hour bike rides and not seen one epic.

On a one hour dusk hunt for Kelenken, I saw and got most of:
1 Brachiosaurus
2 Sinoceratops
1 Smilodon
4 Giraffatitan
2 Tuojiangosaurus
3 Tupandactylus
1 Ornithomimus
1 Nodosaurus
1 Gorgosaurus
1 Kelenken
1 Utahraptor
1 Wuerhosaurus (school park)

This was 5.28 miles. I was going kind of fast between darting to cover as much territory as I could as I had to get back home to make dinner.
That was a good hunt but only got one Kelenken.

I like Kelenken enough to want to get it to 16. Ken or Kenny I’ll call it is the male mate of Phoras, a nasty female.


I managed to find 1 Tuojiangasaurus, 1 smilodon, 1 Kelenken and 2 Erlikosaurus on my way home