Spawn with 2 dinos


I have this spawn in town where there are sometimes 2 dinos at once. When you pick one and complete the drone sequence then return to the map, the other one will be gone (ie. after the reload of all other dinos). This has happened at least 6 times now (possibly all the times I got two dinos there since the new release) so I’m starting to believe it’s not a coincidental despawn. Could this be a bug?


Maybe, it happened to me too. Just assumed the creature timed out.


This happens to me too. So I always make sure I pick the one I want the most first. Then, when the other one scrams I tell myself they were scared of the fighting and ran away.


I haven’t experienced this issue myself. If you notice this is still happening after updating to 1.2.16, could you please send a screenshot and your Support Key to support either via the in-game FAQ or by emailing This information will help the team take a closer look at this spawn anomaly. Thanks!