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Spawn Zone 5

We’re still getting new creatures, which is awesome. Keep 'em coming, please.

We’re also getting more sanctuary-exclusive dinos. Honestly, if I were in the developer’s shoes, I wouldn’t know where else to put them. They’ve even put dinos on every different day of the week, for crying out loud. And if they put all these exclusive dinos on global, that saturation would make it harder to get specific dinos we want (T-Rex, for instance.)

If these dinos are going to stay accessible and if we’re going to continue getting new dinos every update, we may need a new tool to make dinos spawn. Maybe have them rotate every week or so like Pokemon Go (ex: Guess what, Suchomimus spawned here last week, but now it’s nowhere. Now you get Scolosaurus instead until Suchomimus comes back) or maybe it’s time to introduce L5, or even L6.

I expect making new spawn locations might take a lot of work and a lot more balancing discussion among the devs. Could be a massive headache. I wouldn’t know, I’ve never been in those offices. So maybe no rush because they would want to do it right and hopefully only need to rewrite the zones once for a very long time, but hey, I think it would be a nice idea.

Maybe there would need to be new commons to flesh everything out. I would be perfectly fine with that. :slight_smile:


new commons to make new hybrids with the older hybrids that are still waiting on a super hybrid.
I totally agree with this whole post. there’s only so many things you can do to break up the spawns.
going off you the PoGo thing… rotate the time of year some can be obtained in the wild, via the arena, and not at all. this will give some breathing room. Can also bring them back in events if they are currently not spawning.

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L5 has been around since the start of the game. A lot o players are still using it right under ludias nose.