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Spawn zones

I’ve only been playing the game for a few months but I’m wondering whether the spawn zones will be rotated any time soon? I was doing a giga scent and going for a drive with my girlfriend most evenings but I’m honestly getting tired of darting gallimimus all the time. Sure I could go to another zone but it’s not really practical to sit somewhere for 3 hours on a scent. I need monomimus (I have it at a low level) but I can’t get enough monolophosaur to balance it. Zone 1 is absolutely a junk zone. Ankylosaur and sinoceratops are great but the rest is trash and tbh, I get far more global epics than either of these 2. No doubt a lot of people feel this way about their local zone. I was in zone 4 for a few days after the 2.0 update and would love to return to that but I’d happily take a rotation the other way to zone 2.

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They don’t switch sadly

But that will be a good idea swapping spawn points/locals

I guess it’s a good way to make the game stale and get people to leave the game.

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Actually, Spawn Zones swap every month. It’s a more recent addition. Zones should swap on the first Monday of each month


Oh really I did not know

First time was this month, so we’ll see if it changes again next monday