Spawning is even worse

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I was L4, erlik, mono sometimes appeared and mostly allo, dime gen2 etc etc. It was decent. But now I am sad. Plus i have not seen a single epic. I hope it gets better but they ruined dilplotator and diplo is as bad as iguanadon. Nests seem to have changed but I could be wrong. I hope spawns get better

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Hang in there! This could be a very temporary change. When the flyers appeared, they were almost the only dinosaur to be found :sob:. Thankfully, that was not a permanent change.

In the last update, Euplocephalus and Einiosaurus disappeared around here anda now they are back. So happy!


I found this guy today, in broad daylight.

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I’m sorry about your fish! :worried:

Just found a Baryonyx in broad daylight.

Edit: I couldn’t take a picture of it spawned so I had to take a pic of the DNA I got.

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