Spawning like rabbits 🐇


Today it seems like epics and rares have gone through a baby dino boom, they are literally spawning like rabbits. Started my hunt at around 12 pm, on and off hunting till about 11pm.

I came across 8 epics on my hunt today, along with 65 rares… think that may be near my record :scream: The amount of amargasaurus I’ve spotted today is enough to host another special event lol.

There is a noticeably huge difference compared to yesterday’s hunting log. Biking about 11 miles+ throughout the neighborhood, cruising from zone to zone, and I was only able to encounter 1 epic and 13 rares. Anyone else notice a drastic change today or is it just me?

Grinding at its purest form, spoofers got nothing on me :grin:

7/24/18 12pm/11pm (on and off hunting)
1x trex // local
2x rajasaurus // walmart; local
1x spinosaurus gen 2 // park
1x ouranosaurus // local
1x nodopatosaurus // mall
6x megalosaurus // local; gas station
5x dracorex // local ~ EVERYWHERE
8x amargasaurus // park ~ EVERYWHERE
5x triceratops // local, park, costco
1x tenontosaurus // mall
7x gorgosaurus // local ~ EVERYWHERE
1x argentinosaurus // near target
1x echo // mall
1x spinosaurus // buffalo wild wings
5x utahraptor // local; park ~ EVERYWHERE
3x nodosaurus // local; DMV
1x dracorex gen 2 // park
1x carnotaurus // local
1x diplocaulus gen 2 // park
1x koolasuchus gen 2 // near McDonalds

missed/ too far away
1x postimetrodon // near gas station
1x ouranosaurus // local
2x amargasaurus // EVERYWHERE
2x carnotaurus // local; gas station
4x triceratops // local; park ~ EVERYWHERE
1x dracorex gen 2 // local
2x dracorex // local
1x echo // local
1x koolasuchus gen 2 // near McDonalds
1x tentontosaurus // local
2x gorgosaurus // EVERYWHERE
2x dimetrodon
1x erlikasaurus gen 2 // local
1x utahraptor // local


I felt something changed yesterday as well, not having time to note down but it was the first time I saw a Gorgosuco in the wild !

I also noted that Amargosauro and Dracorex are spawning more frequently, I thought it was someting like increasing of spawnings after an event took place, like charlie, echo and delta are now spawning in the wild after their weekly event.


Maybe it had to do with the server update, but I encountered the same phenomenon as well.

On any given day, 1-2 Rare creatures will spawn around my house or “within reaching distance,” 130-140~ meters away. Yesterday, I saw seven Rares and one Epic spawn at these locations, including:

x2 Tenontosaurus
x1 Concavenator
x2 Triceratops
x2 Amargasaurus
x1 Dracorex

Granted, I tend to agree that Dracorex and Amargasaurus have been spawning more frequently—and in large part due to the dinosaur migration that took place earlier this month. Regardless, I’m glad to see that other players are encountering more Rare and Epic creatures, too.


Not me! Same crap new day! I live in an area (not a big city) surrounded by buildings and I am separated by a draw bridge from the mainland! The intracoastal waterway is nearly a 1/4 mile across and on my side of it is only like 4 blocks wide!

I live right on the beach and it’s a great place to live but not for hunting dinosaurs :joy:! I always have to drive an hour for a park and even on the way to the park the rare and epics are almost never there! In the months playing I have seen perhaps 5-10 epics spawn and 10-20 rare spawn


Not noticed any difference yet. Today has just been swarmed with Stegosaurus herds and nothing else. :frowning:


8 epics yesterday and 2 t rex today… boss :+1: getting better


People that have to drive whiles away for parks is true dedication. I can only imagine how frustrating that must be to hunt. Y’all are more than welcome to hunt in my neighborhood. It’s not a big city, but rather a surburban area with lots of supply drops. All local zones can easily be reached within 3-10 mins of biking, making specific dino searching very possible.

The only downside is that you willl NEVER SEE A DANG APATOSAURUS :joy:


Not a problem I have 10000 apatosaurus too bad we can’t swap dna with Freinds! And about hunting in your neighborhood I can fedex my phone to you and you hunt and ship it back! Allot cheaper than a plane ride! Hey maybe we can do a house swap :joy::joy::joy:


That’s right rub it in! I live in a dinosaur vacuum area!:joy::joy:

And I don’t mean like you vacuum your house but like the vacuum of space!!!


Had around 13k Apato … then Nodo Event started and I’ve used a lot up … was down to 4k something. Now back to over 6k cause Apato is spawning frequently here.


Haha, I’d be down for that, a trading system would be legit. Usually people are hopeful to get epics and certain rares in an incubator. I’m over here in excitement getting 200 pts for my apatosaurus…It’s that bad.

I’d actually multitask and play TWD our world at the same time when there are no dinos of interest near me. Can’t grind on one, must grind on the other lol.

Multitasking with two phones on a mount, challenge accepted :smile: Fedex this way


Speaking of that nodo event. I was only able to scrap maybe 1 or 2 apatosaurus out of that special event… and those two were from a random freeway. Pretty sure you remember that little uneventful story, they just refused to spawn in the numerous small parks around my neighborhood. I figured it’s just random, you win some you lose some.

On the Sunday of the nodo event itself, a couple friends and I went hiking up in the National Yosemite Park. This map is just filled with event drops, and endless amounts of green that you could possibly imagine. I figured this would be the park, the original #1 national park, land of the apatosaurus. After hiking from 12pm - 5pm, I came across TWO APATOSAURUS. Are there any herds of apatosaurus in California?? If so, please send them this way :smile:

Wish I could check atm, but i’m pretty sure I have 12 apatosaurus pts saved up. If it’s not too much to ask, could I have the free incubator give me apato pts, everything counts :wink:


Oh my god.

Now, that’s Jurassic Park right there.


Me wantz.


Since I did the update, there is more diversity in dinosaurs around my neighborhood. This is promising if it stays this way :grin:.