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Spawning rate of rares and epics down

Since 1.7 I have seen the spawning of rares and epics like dilo, dracorex, kentro, and raja go way down- I used to be confident I could get at least one of those a day and now I haven’t been seeing them for weeks. To me this is making the hunting boring (in addition to the boosts) and im afraid there’s not much motivation to hunt or even continue on. If those guys were back out there regularly then I would enjoy it again.


the Problem Are the Daily spawns I my eyes the daily spawns are just to nerf the spawns in generell coz 90% are trash and they are everywhere…


Yep. Used to see multiple Tuojiango a day. Now I’m lucky to see one. Dailies spawn almost as much as the local junk commons.

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Agreed, the daily migrations are a horrible, horrible mechanic that has affected normal spawns very, very badly.

Add the boost fiasco on top and 1.7 is quickly becoming the worst patch to date, and the lowest point this game has fallen to.

Im honestly not sure things could get any worse unless the servers blew up. :neutral_face:


I could live with the boosts if I could still enjoy trying to create and build uniques. All I see these days is Anky on Sundays. I could care less about the other daily spawns.

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