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Spawns after 1.7


All I can see on my map is featured creatures. Is this something related to the update? Why no spawns at all?


Saw a lot of Wooly Rhinos yesterday, because “it was Tuesday”


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Anyone seeing this?


My map is full of ophiacodon…this update is just a big nerf nothing else…now those commons from daily spawn are all over the map which blocks pursuit common dinos and tarbo/Velo nighttime dinos…they destroyed l2 massiv and with the new drone system you catch like 30-50% less dns on commons…this update is the biggest trash…can’t believe that I miss the 1.6 wich were also a fail update…this is best example that ludia doesn’t care the players


I live in Area 4 and was hoping good things from “migration”. I used 5 min and 20 min scent last night and what I got? 12 suchominus and 1 irri gen 2. Already have 52k irri gen 2 dna and 149k suchominus. No wonder I cancelled my vip long time ago and not planinng to get it back. Same goes for buying scents.