Spawns alot more bad than before update

My zones are full now with einio, Munda and majunga…that slows me so much


Disappointed to see Einio is anytime L2. 80% of dino’s on my screen. Has no use in an anti tank meta. Even lost a rare to its hybrid.

Really hoping I won’t feel this way in 24 hours. There isn’t a reason to play yet. Either you got it before 1.5 or you are not getting it.

Must agree here, if i look around me and see 4 dinos, of which 3 majunga, i lost my motivation :’)

Yeah i agree, they finally put out a lythro/purssa hybrid then move them to park spawns not the worse loss cause the rare seems real bad. I had a irex one shot mine without even being cloaked in a friendly battle.

Give l2 eino, then move sacro to a park spawn…

L3 didnt really gain much… but lost gorgosaurus…

They moved event dinos out of parks then throw a bunch of hybrid components back into parks…

Closest park to me are state game lands…its bad enough walking through the woods to hunt dinos during summertime. Let alone next week when deer season begins.

When will complaints lasts…?

Before the update everybody seems to be so gung-ho. Now everybody start complainin. In less than 12 hrs… :rofl:

Quoting from someone in the forum “adapt…The devs have the right to change things as they like. It is their game anyways”… :sweat_smile:

But it seems they simply ignore lots of our suggestions, not only spawn.

Just like…those bugs are not fixed, even several months passed away.
Wondering if they even care about our reaction beside asking for nerf.:thinking:

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Complaints don’t last. People say their piece and leave.

The coming days will matter. Rares are rare. So we will all find out if the new spawns deliver or not. Currently I need Postisucus and Kaprosuchus. If they aren’t in the arena drops and are too obscure in the world I can’t play what isn’t there. I’m not even negative just curious until I know better.

If I have to agree with any complaint it’s this one. L3 is hands-down the WORST zone ever. Nought but little green hammerhead newts and majungas everywhere. Nothing truly useful. Ludia basically tosses all the useless dinos here.

Well this is… Irritating…

The spawns before the update was bad but now it’s a lot more bad…it’s just more shine than be from ludia…they say the game will change but atm I don’t think so…you can trade DNS with alliance but the spawns now bad…how would you trade if you can’t get dns?


Same thing here, mainly empty space :frowning:

I’m not sure if it is just me but ever since the update, I feel that there are fewer dinosaurs spawning in my area.


I’m getting more than I expected. I hope they come your way!

send some of them my way as well please :joy:

PLZ fix the spawns
Only allmost the same dino is spawning in every local zone

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Is anyone happy with the new spawning after this update?
Im certainly not and it sure looks like many other people feel the same way. There was no full migration like people wanted, and it feels like spawns actually decreased. Junk dinos seem even more abundant than before and good ones (those needed for the better hybrids) seem to have dropped off the face of the earth. Was this what Ludia meant when they said they were going to rebalance spawns based on dino’s values? I took 2 different hour-long drives yesterday at dusk and at night and over those 2 hours I struggled to find anything worth my time.

Mostly just curious if my town got shafted or if this is everywhere.

I know its only been one day but if this is what the new map is going to look like Im giving up on this game. Absolutely NO motivation to go out in the cold to hunt dinos if spawns are this crummy.


I have noticed decreased spawns as well. Have not seen any epics since the patch went live.

1.3 was awesome for epic spawns, then they added a stealth spawn nerf in 1.4. I am thinking that there was yet another spawn nerf in 1.5.

I’m seeing lots more and new ones in different places. I don’t really need all these einosauruses, but I’ll take em just in case.

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sounds like you are not in an active area. my spawns are great. i have access to all but 1 area(area1 is small) and they were loaded. id suggest looking at metahub to find out the new spawns for zones although not many have changed but most notably, dimetredon and deino is area 1 now.

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