Spawns are smiling on me

Finally some good spawning for special events, just waiting for sino to appear :laughing:


Same, but mine have Stygi instead! Also waiting for Sino.

I have 1. Waiting for Sino too. Also, had every possible incubator at my house today.

We all waiting for Sino then? Because, same here :sweat_smile:

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the rare incubator was super hard to find, was lucky one spawned within walking distance.

i don’t really want any of the epics today. i have plenty of dna of each for my purposes. taking it easy and darting whatever i feel like today.

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I wish I was there, but I need Sino so I can do a 20 fuse on Utasino.

i don’t have an over abundance of dna. Just enough for leveling a few things when i decide i want to. keeping things close to creation and fusion levels until i complete my dream team and maybe the dex.

That is pretty nice. I also noticed that I was wrong, I need more Sino to do a 50 fuse, not a 20 fuse. I’m starting to lose track of my own DNA resources :sweat_smile:

Yea granted the 3 dinos are not the most exciting of epics, except for sino maybe? Perhaps for newer players, it’s another step closer to making thors/rinex. I’m just happy to get whatever I can get my hands on, you can never get too much of a good thing, esp in jwa :smile:

With Thor at 29.5 and Rinex at 30 I can tell you it’s possible to run out of sino :slight_smile:

With my Thor and Rinext at 30, I can tell you that you can have 15K+ Sino still left.