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Spawns... lol


Really quick post about spawn mechanics… clearly Ludia doesn’t seem to want to fix this aspect of the game lol why? Who knows… but they should.
Opening up the game time and time again and seeing diplos and some other random things like irri gen 2 is a bit frustrating. Sure, if you walk around enough youll see a few dinos… but my suggestion would be to just have all spawned dinos on the map at all times, without having to get super close to make it appear on the map lol i think that makes sense…

Im sure someone else has said this in a different post, the mods are more than welcome to merge it to that if it is the case… just really feel like something about spawns should change for the better lol


Since 1.6 I get 5-6 epics between my drive to work, my drive at lunch, and my drive home. Though I do wish the game would be better for walking and running - I like to go for a few km run and play - it has definitely gotten better with this update.

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I’ve seen more t-rex in the last two days than I have in the last two months.


Me too, cough 3 Rex today and a golden chicken


I’ve seen more Epics in the last 2 days than the entire week before the update.


Can’t complain! Had a fantastic couple of days in L3… L3… Darted several epics, including golden chicken, and very many badly needed rares… All in all, I’m ecstatic with the new spawn mechanics! Thanks, Ludia, for making this game fun to play once again!

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Very encouraging to read these replies! Although, I meant for them to just simply be shown on the map instead of having to come really close for them to appear, that way the map would look much better with a bigger variety of dinos! Haha

Nonetheless, its awesome to know that the spawn rates seem to have increased, that is a start indeed! :slight_smile: