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Spawns of rares and epics

It seems like the regular spawns of rares and epics has been affected by the daily spawns since 1.7. I used to see dracorex and dilophosaurus at least once or twice a day and I haven’t seen them for days

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Yes, they have been affected but they don’t want us to know that or admit… It’s the same with epics. I’m lucky if I see 1 epic daily while before I could get 3 or 4 per day. I used a few scents in right areas and I didn’t get ANY Dracorex and Dilophosaurus.

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It is evident that this spawn has been reduced more than planned and I hope they will solve it. When introducing the daily creatures the spawn of all the rest of creatures was reduced approximately 40% (according to a calculation read in Metahub) but the reality is that it has been reduced much more. Not only for rare and epics, also for common and that affects a lot to tarbo, velociraptors etc.

My opinion is that there are two problems that affect Spawn. The first is the appearance of the “daily dinosaurs” and the second is an error in the formula that makes the global ones appear much more than the locals. On Tuesday I wrote down the rare ones seen on my daily work journey home in four sections (on foot, by bus, by train and by car). I saw, 14 “non-daily” rares, which means approximately the 40% reduction foreseen with respect to the previous version 1.7. The problem is that of the 14, 13 were global (ornitho, nodosauro, amargosauro and Utah) and only 1 of zone (a postosuchus). As I said, I think this is a miscalculation and I hope they solve it.