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Where do I go to find the Maisaura, Scolosaurus and Pachycephalosaurus. So far I’ve only found one Maiasaur at the park


I don’t know about where does the scolosaurus

but if you’re finding pachy, you should fight for 8hour incubators in Lockwood Estates.
(it’s a 9th arena exclusive creature)


Maiasaura is a park spawn, scaphognathus is L1, pachy is exclsuive, and scolo has not been reported anywhere by anyone. Most likely not in the game yet, similar to what they did with diplodocus


Yeah well i watched Pocemon’s video where he said it would be exclusive in a future tournament. But that would he stupid because wouldn’t that mean we would only get a specific number? That would be stupid because it’s a common.


Patchy can be obtained from any normal/rare/epic non-themed incubator as well as the arena ones, a bunch of people got it from the epic strike


Yep i got 23 from the epic strike lol


I got Maiasaura from this first epicstrike tower


You lucky dogs! All I got was 111 Maisaura from that last epic tower