Speaking of Mortem Rex Ludia should correct her probity as a critical

I’ve had the Mortem Rex since the first players started unlocking (little left for level 28) and I think Ludia made a mistake because the 40% critical chance is not remotely close, the real critic is 10% or 15% no more and I think that Ludia should correct that part that they made a mistake and thought they gave her 40%
(obviously all this is a joke but something is certain if some players have happened the same, Magna with her 20% hits many more)


It’s just RNG. The chance is has always been 40%. It’s just bad luck

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Mortem just suck. It’s beaten by most Unique that are currently in use, even if it would do a critical 100% of the time. So, you may feel like RNG is not on your side, but the truth is: Mortem is pretty much useless for an Apex dino that is so hard to get…

Here’s when you compare apples with apples. All dinos at level 26, no boost, exactly like a tier list is done:


For that reason I mentioned that I have been with the Mortem for a considerable time and it’s more than bad luck. Her 40% critic is really a bad joke, with Thor I can admit that critic makes a difference and is very consistent but with Mortem I can almost assure you that it’s non-existent

I so visualise that “Button Smashing” :joy:


Only way to prove your theory is with pure data, so start writing them down. I also have Mortem Rex (and I agree it does suck) but not because it’s not doing it’s critical (in my book it does) but mostly, as I’ve shown above, it almost never have a chance to do a second hit against most Uniques used, in the top level. So no matter if it does crit or not on it’s first move, it will loose way too often. On the other side, Thor is slower, but often will be able to get a kill, thanks to it’s instant move. (And worst case, Thor may still die, but always leave a decent setup behind, while poor Mortem with only one hit may still leave a very high HP dino behind). Basically, what I’m saying is that even if Mortem had a 100% critical rate, it would still loose most of it’s matches, so it doesn’t really matter if it’s crit rate is 10% or 100%. It’s just plain bad and Ludia will have to do something about it. I’m surprised you didn’t noticed that yet…

Haha @OrigamiRobot go brrr

Lol being an ex-speed runner helps, I’ll tell you that much.

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Mortem beats Tryko and Dio because of higher rarity, actually.

All I can tell you is that Mortem’s crit rate is indeed 40%. If you are not observing that (by which I mean recording hundreds of data points to eliminate memory bias) then it’s something wrong with the general damage formula. If it’s something wrong with the general damage formula, then it would be affecting more than just Mortem.

Crit chance is very easy to misinterpret because your brain really only remembers the times the crit mattered. So if you get a crit on a 1HP dino, you’re likely to forget that because the crit was irrelevant.


Never thought about this!!! THANKS! So Mortem is “slightly” better. Here’s the update data:

Mortem out-speeds Tryko and Dioraja because of its rarity, so it actually wins those matchups. Of the remainder… Mortem should lose to Magna, Erlidom, Erliko, and Quetz because of class matchups, meaning the only two battles there that it’s losing that it shouldn’t are against Ardentis and Gemini, which… well, yeah, they’ve been problems and it’s not an issue with Mortem but with these two specifically

|edit| saw the response and your response to the response after I posted :stuck_out_tongue: But you got the idea

Also just out of interest, I checked the remaining uniques and came up with the following (I’m not listing out the moves but you can check any of them and correct me if you disagree):

  • Mortem Rex WINS: Diloracheirus, Entelolania, Mammolania, Pterovexus, Skoonasaurus, Stygi, Testacornibus, Tuora
  • Mortem Rex DEAD: Dracoceratosaurus, Indoraptor, Tenontorex
  • Toss Up: Monolorhino (Mortem wins if Monolorhino doesn’t get Stun on swap-in) // Utarinex (Mortem wins on crit, which is fairly likely so I felt it appropriate to include) // Smilonemys (depends on luck with crits & dodges–if Smilo doesn’t dodge or crit, Mortem wins. If it R&R, it draws. If it hits both RNG checks, Smilo wins) // Spinoconstrictor (again, pretty RNG based, but advantage to Spino–Mortem only wins if it hits through Dodge with Cleansing Impact

So overall, we have:

  • Rex Wins: 12
  • Rex Loses: 9
  • Toss Up Favoring Rex: 2 (Monolorhino and Smilonemys)
  • Toss Up Favoring Enemy: 2 (Utahrinex, Spinoconstrictor)

Obviously a lot of its wins are driven by creatures not widely used in the Arena, but in general, Mortem pretty much beats all the creatures that we would expect it to beat as well as some we don’t, based on class, but it’s pretty much guaranteed to lose against Cunning creatures except Diloracheirus and cunning-resilient hybrids (which are, appropriately, toss-ups). What I think makes it seem weak is that its primary competitor, Thor, can circumvent Speed matchups due to Instant Charge, which effectively gives it a poor man’s resistance to Speed Decrease (since single-turn speed decreases may not mean much) as well as the potential to win some unfavorable match-ups against Cunning creatures that Mortem really has no choice but to lose.

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Other 40% critical chance creature : first time?

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You’re asking if there’s any other dinos with 40% critical chance? Quite a few… Most notable are Thor, Thyla, Erlidominus and Allosaurus Gen2

No. That’s a meme

It a meme :rofl: cause some time 40% critical chance is like 5% critical chance hahaha

Many ask for a buff for Mortem but imagine how ridiculous the situation is when I would ask it to be an honest 40% critic :grimacing: Many think that it’s honest 40% but I think that Ludia put a black hand thinking perhaps that it would be an unstoppable beast with an honest 40% :man_shrugging:

It’s an honest 40%, human nature prevents easy satay collection, so you only remember when it counts


My Thor is on it’s worst ever no crit run;
It made 1 crit in 10 attempts last night (an instant charge which was blocked by Tryko’s shield, and the stun failed to land, leading to Tjor being killed by a critical counter).
During that run, my opponents’ Thors managed to get 7 crits in a row, an opposing Tryko got 4 crits in.a row and an enemy Magna got 3 crits in a row.
A lot of these were ‘criti-kills’ too (where a criticsl lands that takes out your dino, when it would have survived the regular damage).
Cue losing streak…

Sometimes it feels like you’ve fallen afoul of a ‘bad luck algorithm’, but it’s actually just unlucky RNG.


So true!
10 attacks - all or none may crit, or anything in-between
100 attacks - won’t be too far from 40 crits
1000 attacks - will be pretty close to 400