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Special creatures this week!



Waaaaiiit a minute…Para and Tuora are out? Well I‘d say ‚nice‘ if only there were more green cubes in my area next week…


Oh I forgot that cuteness poll…


I guess this is Ludia saying Merry Christmas to us. I won’t complain about free Unique DNA though


Not sure that I’ll be able to get any Touramoloch as the other half won’t be happy if I spend Christmas Day hunting dinosaurs. Might be able to escape out early Boxing Day morning before it all changes though.

Otherwise only Sinoceratops interests me the rest of the week.

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Boxing Day? You live in the UK?


Yes I do. :slight_smile:


I guess I’ll be going for a walk Boxing Day morning :slight_smile:

And more sino on the weekend…


Me , my wife and son will be out to get the legendary and unique on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day , it’s a shame it’s not a better one but I guess we only have ourselves to blame as we voted for it


Ooh…that’s an interesting line-up.

Might skip out on Wednesday’s Commons, but if I can dart 18 Dracorex in 2 days, I’d be doing well. :sunglasses: Probably’ll go for all Sino again as well, but hopefully I can be in a position to harvest some Brachio DNA one of these weekends. Maybe it’ll get a cool hybrid one of these days…and I’ll have like, no Brachio DNA :rofl::joy:


Thoradolosaur for me!!

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Which absolute madman voted Blue and Brachiosaurus instead of Erlikosaurus though???


They wont give us erliko!

#free the golden chicken


Wait what? Para for monday?


Where? I live in London.


Wow, now this is a good way to give us a present!! :star_struck:

Meanwhile, can anyone help me come up with a list of reasonable excuses to duck out on Christmas Day? :laughing:


I’m just outside Cambridge.

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Stego, Draco & Sino for me.


what about para or tuora?
I don’t have tuoramoloch yet :disappointed_relieved:


You must have loads of drops! I live up in Newcastle. :slight_smile:

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