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Special creatures this week-


Next week’s event
Next week



Hmm this event needs making abit better in the epic dino section. If no 3rd option maybe give us 9 attempts :smiley: other than that dilo g2 all the way and dilo for rares all the way


Good to see the rare dilo in there… I see very few of them…

I find more epic mono than I do rare dilo… and that’s usually being out for a few hours

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I love when they repeat this week


There go my plans for next week … Dilo Dilo Mono … sigh … it’s grinding time!


Heck yes. Much better week!


What @Brian_Pastermack said only I didn’t say heck …


I live in Z3. I do not need to see any more Diplocaulus. Ever!

In fact this week is rather naff. I’m only going to be looking for Monolophosaurus.


I can finally get very close to (or create) diloranocheirus :heart_eyes::duck::star_struck:


Yes, Dilopho. Need it to lvl up Dilorano to lvl 20. Also it’s never too much Monolopho.


Last few times they ran this event i felt like i found more dilo g2 then any other common. Now that dilo g2 is most likely the most valuable of the commons i wonder if that will have changed.


All this means not being in L2 is that everyone else’s Dilos and tentos get stronger. I know I’m in the minority but that’s all I see with cunning weeks


Easy choices for next week!
Diplo, Koola G2, and big daddy Koola.


Dilo Dilo Monolopho

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Green chicken here I come🤣


Gonna have to make a choice get monomimus to 20 or work on monosteg


Finally! This might be the 1st time I ever go out just to find all the dilophosaurs out there, I want the green chicken so bad :sweat_smile:


I’m on the same page… My chicken is halfway done, and I probably have enough ourano and deino for it, assuming I don’t get a bunch of 10 fuses.


Dilo>dilo>mono. easy choices